School of Discipleship

Nothing should get in your way when it comes to responding to the call of God on your life.

We all want to grow in our walk with God and discover how we can make a difference with our lives. Jesus taught his disciples how to live lives of greatness, but it doesn’t look like what you might expect. We want to share with you something that has the potential to alter and improve the course of your life. All you need is a free evening each week and time on the weekends to plug in at Victory Faith. Once a week for six months you will dive deeper into the word, build stronger relationships with other Christians, and grow together in your walk with God. You’ll be trained how to live a life of greatness by following Christ’s example and serving in practical ways. Through all of this you’ll be trained, equipped, and encouraged to make a difference with your life.


  • Attend Tuesday evening classes
  • Serve at Victory Faith on weekends
  • Tuition: TBA
  • Classes begin January 24, 2023
Class of 2023 is currently in session, however registration will open back up in October for class of 2024.

Program Details

What is Discipleship?

Discipleship is a term used in the time of Jesus to reflect the relationship between a philosopher or theologian and his students who would do life together. The disciples identified themselves as followers to the teacher and would live by what he taught. Jesus was more than a philosopher and empowered His followers to be more than mere men and women, He sent them out with a mission to change the world by preaching the Gospel and establishing communities of believers. We model our class after five pillars of Discipleship through which we observe in the New Testament.


-The Disciples hung out, prayed, ate, and lived together.
-They, quite literally, lived with Jesus.
-They sat at the feet of Jesus and listened to Him teach.
-The Disciples internalized and lived those teachings.
-They served Jesus, each other, and many communities.
-They dedicated the rest of their lives to the message of the Gospel.

What is the School of Discipleship?

We are a six month Discipleship Program designed for all ages, for anyone who desires a deeper relationship with God, Our community, and The Word. School of Discipleship is modeled for all people who long to live a life of greatness. Once a week, we will dive deeper into the Word, build stronger relationships with other Christians, and grow together in our walk with God, just as Jesus showed us. You’ll be trained how to begin living a life of greatness by following Christ’s example and serving in practical ways. Through all of this, you will be trained, equipped, and released to bring people to life in Jesus.

6:30 - Community Connection Time
7:00 - Worship
7:30 - Main Lesson
8:15 - Purposed Time
8:45 - Prayer
*Childcare will be provided

We have created this list of expectations as a guideline for you to follow during this season of unique pursuit of God. Our intent is to encourage a heart of dedication throughout your commitment to this class. Our desire for you is unparalleled growth in your life. These expectations exist to facilitate that, and to nurture a habit of self discipline.

1. Serve on a VF Team such as Childcare, Cafe, Connect Center, Parking Lot, etc.
2. Attend a Sunday Service weekly.
3. Participate in all class times.
4. Complete all assignments.
5. Engage in community outreach.
6. Remove defensiveness, and have a good attitude.
7. Steward community with us.
8. Be open to encouragement and feedback from leaders and peers.

“Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people.” - Ephesians 6:7

What do I need to Join the School of Discipleship?

1. A Free Tuesday night
2. Study time during the week
3. Availability to attend a Sunday service
4. Tuition fee -TBD
5. A Bible
6. A Positive attitude